Sunday, August 7, 2016


While some are born with great natural eyebrows, some just need to achieve great natural-looking eyebrows. Yesterday, I posted in my social media that 20 years before me, I struggled daily because of my thin eyebrows. I just would want to be caught dead by any human being within my eyebrows drawn. The struggle was just real...

Expensive eyebrow pencils and brow shaping brushes were my security blanket (the essentials in my bag) that monthly, I had to go buy new ones. Of course going to cosmetic shops wou;d mean leaving me broke. I remember those times of hoarding on perfect eyebrow pencils because cosmetic manufacturers phase out the line in 5-12 months. Crazy as it may sound, I just never left home without eyebrows drawn on. It has been a daily habit from simple brows to glam. This is the pain us women have to bear so we resort to enhancements.

While most women want other body parts or facial features enhanced, I only wanted to have more brows (with a nice, natural look) that doesn't turn dark green and that doesn't like you're about to devour every single human being who crosses your path. Yes, I have seen so many pretty womens' eyebrows got effed up by "so-so and so-called" artists offering eyebrow tattooing and microblading. Some women are at fault too! They go to their eyebrow tattoo artists carrying some actresses' photo and demand that it has to be done the same but not one's perfect eyebrows are suitable to anyone. Here's the hidden truth that your artist may not tell you because they're just in it for the money or pressed by duty to work... eyebrows should fully frame and complement your bone structure. I feel it is just fair that I share this because hard-earned money shouldn't go to waste and to enhance our faces, shouldn't mean it gets wasted too. This was my experience to end the daily and expensive suffering on eyebrows...

Being an online professional for over a decade now, I normally look at womens' photos a lot and I look at makeup artists' works at lot too. I have many makeup artist friends owing to the industry I am in... nightlife, and there is one that stood out for me over the years when it comes to their works. She has done my make in many occassions and she is Mayone.
Proof that she is a professional makeup artist.

I learned a few months back that she is going to venture into eyebrow microblading (thank God for my Facebook that day). I didn't get in touch with her back then but I was already thrilled that if she nails her studies, I have hopes she could do something. Fast forward to last week, I got in touch with her to help me with my dilemma and she granted me my first session schedule yesterday despite her being a busy makeup artist / wedding planner. Booked and excitedly went with twenty five thousand pesos (approximately US$555) and a Megan Fox photo prepared on my phone which I showed while I was filling out the medical protocol form. Mayone instantly broke my heart a bit saying she will never do any procedure If I insist that I get Megan Fox's eyebrows explaining eyebrow shapes aren't one-size-fits-all. She further told me achieveing the perfect brow will depend on the dimensions of my face and that having the right arches can only not emphasize my eyes but will make me look younger and that I can get away with wearing less makeup. Makes sense but I was still in denial and still under the illusion that I can do the Megan Fox eyebrows (LOL)... having the same Oval Shaped Face. I tried my PR skills on her but it didn't work because she started blabbering about the procedure involving accuracy on my facial structures. She started blabbering about very important parts of the face structure like it all depends on my Supraorbital Process and Supraorbital Foramen with some explanations involving the only subject I hate the most... MATH... Mental Abuse To Humans. She got me right there because I got dizzy (LOL)..

I laid down on her comfy operating table inside her makeup studio and she professionally discussed to me the procedures. We are both good friends but yesterday, she was just like a doctor making me feel that she is serious about this particular job. And this is the longest part and the most important stemp. It is the most meticulous process in microblading procedures because she had to see the best customized shape for me in accordance to my facial bone structures.
Mayone showed me her primary tool for shaping eyebrows. The PhiBrows Golden Ration Divider to ensure you get the perfectly shaped brows.
See how thin my eyebrows are? Since 18 years old I had these hideously thin brows which made me look older than my actual years.

She started to draw outlines for the perfect brow that's best for me.
I had a good laugh after she showed me the outlines. It was the funniest look on me because I never imagined a raw vision of thick brows. Not the kind of outline I usually draw in the past. I felt weird the Mayone then dropped me this question, "Do you want me to add more arch or do you trust me enough that this is the best for you to look fresh, young and overall look more attractive?" At that point, she really got my attention and my wholehearted go signal.

Here comes the most exciting part. Mayone showed me the tools prior to beginning the long process which took about an hour while continously enjoying the music. If you had tattoos done before on your body like I did, then this stage means nothing because we already know how outlining tattoos feel. If not, here's what I can tell you best... ever felt your eyebrows plucked fast one by one? It hurts right? That's the level of pain and I am absolutely sure first timers will just do fine. You have the option to hold on to the stress ball Mayone gave which I never got to use or play Pokemon Go with your eyes closed. I just laid my ass there and let her do the work.

Mayone introduced Wesley Snipes to me... the Blade, all sealed for my protection.

And there she introduced her PhiBrows Classic Holder which holds the blade for the purpose of microblading.
While my eyes are closed during the procedure, I realized that microblading is like doing fine slashes to create fine hairs. Yes i heard the tiny slashes which hurt each time but I must say again, bearable. I don't have a picture of me while undergoing this process because I trying to take a photo is impossible. I was absolutely in the mercy of Wesley Snipes' slashing on my eyebrows. 

After seing the outline, I got very pleased with Mayone's work on me that I happily let her finish the work which took another hour. 

Look ma! I have more hair on my brows! 
This time a topical anaesthesia for numbing is placed over my brows to let Mayone continue doing what she does best! I felt nothing during the third phase and this is when I feel more relaxed. I started talking about the horrors other friends (women and men) experienced with local so-so and so-called" eyebrow specialists out there. Of course, those were the cheaper ones available done by employees if their bosses are not available. I've seen these kinds of eyebrows on Facebook and oh I wanted to tell those brows to rest in peace. I feel sorry for those who let themselves get into the procedure without taking the time to know what's best for them to have great eyebrows. Microblading is the best procedure for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps and or fill-in over plucked brows.
Giddy and proud over the results, I am no longer bald in my eyebrows.
After 3 hours, I am done and very happy to have what God ommitted in providing when he blessed me with this face. Below is my before and after procedure. Notice that I look more fresh, prettier and younger? And see those fine looking hair blades? Bet you can't tell which ones are the microblade works and which ones are the real hairs.
Mayone is absolutely brilliant at this eyebrow microblading procedure! She was born to do beauty indeed and I hugged her so tight after the procedure to show her how happy I am with the results. The best thing about microblading is there are no down times. I get to do selfies right away after the process. Mayone told me to come back after a month for a free touch-up. After touch-up, how long will it last? 18 - 24 months depending upon the adaptability of the procedure done on your skin.

I will be blogging again on "How To Care" next week because I am going through current low-maintenance caring of my new set of eyebrows but I can already tell you that my pro told me that the healing depends on the human. On the average humans, it takes  25 to 30 days. I think I will heal fully in just a few days because I feel super! 

Today... August 7, 2016... I woke up like this and I absolutely feel great!
Eyebrow microblading is awesome for both men and women. For husbands and boyfriends, I suggest this procedure as the best gift to your woman. So to womenfolk, if you want natural looking eyebrows like mine, you can set up an appointment with Mayone via her messaging her mobile number +63 917 810 6291. I suggest you set it up now because I saw her book (I'm snoopy) and she is quite full on the client list! And oh! You just have to trust her because I did and I am very happy!